Thursday, March 26, 2009

the birth of jaeartworks

jaeartworks came about sort of by accident. after graduating with my art degree in 1997, i spent a fun-filled year managing a retail video store in florida. it only took one year of that to realize that i needed to do something else. so i went back to college and got a post-bac. degree in education. i spent the next several years teaching 4th and 5th grade, first in san antonio and then in fort worth. i was teaching in the later when my fellow teacher and friend got engaged. i decided to do a portrait for her as a gift for her shower. i really didn't think much of it, just wanted to do something different than the typical potholder collection or target gift card, you know. well, other people saw the portrait, of course, and some said they wanted to buy one...bada bing, bada boom- the beginning of a portrait business. now, like i said, i was still teaching at the time, so it really wasn't technically a business because I had no time to look into that. but, after my first son was born and i decided to stay home with him, i quickly realized that i needed to go ahead and turn it into a legitimate business (you know- business cards, website, license, and all that.) so, jaeartworks was born in 2006, mainly as a portrait business. you can see more of my portraits on my website, but here are a few.

"joaquin" 16" x 16"
graphite on paper

"nolan" 18" x 24"
graphite on paper

once our sons were old enough to hold a brush, gosh, as early as 5 months, omar and i both had them making art. trying to keep things fresh and always needing gifts and milestone markers, i began coming up with more and more art projects for my own kids. that led me to start thinking about expanding out to doing art for kids. i have done all kinds of art with kids of all ages and needs, from oilstick paintings in the style of Vassily Kandinsky with 4th graders to gesture painting with babies. i even headed up a collage for ed cody elementary school in san antonio in conjunction with an art grant from the city of san antonio. want your child to take art lessons? no problem. i've got everything here already. you can see more about art lessons here.

Zane, 3, and Hannah, 7, working in the studio

acrylic, marker and crayon on paper
zane 20 months

some of the most popular kids projects i do are using handprints and footprints on canvas. i've done them for all different occasions, and have even created custom ones for people. for more examples, go here!

if you have an idea of something you want, but aren't really sure about how to do it, let me know. i'll come up with something. this piece was done for a little boy who loves baseball.

"swing away"

uppercase living sticker on acrylic underpainting on canvas

peace, love and art!



  1. We're so grateful you decided on a gift other than a potholder collection or a Target gift card! We cherish our portraits!

    Hey, I'm thinking I need to hire you to duplicate the baseball canvas for the little boy (i.e., baseball fanatic) in our house. I'm sure he'd love to hang it in his room!

  2. Julie, Great post and I loved the pics of the kids doing their artwork. Also, I noticed the kids are all maintaining different levels of attitude :-)

  3. Love your stuff! See ya soon, whit (julie's friend)


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