Thursday, March 19, 2009

the dynamic duo

the boys are doing fantastic. zane is 3 1/2 now. he is fascinated by plants and dirt and "dirty bugs." he can dig in the dirt for hours and never get tired. he often says he is digging for dinosaur bones. he loves to read books and give "lectures," such as how the flowers grow and why the sun is in the sky. he is also quite the accomplished painter. he has been painting since 10 months, and is truly an example of how you're never too young to start.

zachary is almost 1 1/2 now. he is a never-ending ball of energy. if he is not sleeping or eating (and by this I mean physically strapped into his high chair) then he is running, climbing, and/or jumping off of something. he loves to play with cars and trucks, and he constantly follows his dad and me around trying to "help" us do everything from fixing things to loading the dryer. he also is an avid music lover. he loves to play on the piano and the harmonica. and at least once a day, he demands to listen to his music on my mp3 player.

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