Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my fabulous fam!

i thought i would start out with some background information about my family. my husband, omar, is also an artist. we met back in 1995 in the art program at ut san antonio. he was a year ahead of me- the older, more experienced artist- a description that still applies today. so, our story begins in 1995, even though we didn't officially become a couple until 1999 (that's a whole other blog, people.) we married in 2002 in san antonio, and then moved out to north texas so he could finish his masters at tcu. i was teaching elementary school, and he had just taken a full-time art position in dallas when a stork delivered our first son, zane. we decided that i would stay home with zane for 1 year. that was 3 1/2 years ago. (i know, what a sucker, huh?!) no, really, it's been great :) in 2007, the stork came back with another delivery, and this time we named him zachary. i had already started a home-based art business drawing portraits. after being home with 2 boys for 3 years and doing tons of art projects with them and their friends, it was brought to my attention that maybe I should expand jaeartworks to include art lessons and art projects for kids. and that brings us to the present. zane is 3 1/2 now and zachary is almost 17 months. i'm in the process of expanding jaeartworks, and omar is an art professor and department coordinator at a college in dallas. hopefully one day he'll let me blog about what he is doing in the art world (as in making art) because it is very cool. things are super crazy here, but lots of fun as well.


  1. Welcome to the blog world, Julie! Let's figure out a date for your first Kid Art party - or whatever you want to call it. I'm thinking you could promote Mother's Day and Father's Day projects.

  2. :-) Can't wait to see your projects (professional & home) and hear Zane(y) Zach stories. After I get the portrait of Sara framed and hung, I do a post about it.


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