Thursday, April 16, 2009

uppercase living

i don't know if you've heard about uppercase living yet, but i love this stuff! they are a company that sells stickers that can be used in endless decorating projects. and before you roll your eyes at me, listen. these things are cool. they stick flawlessly to walls, wood, canvas- you name it. check out some of the things i've created with the stickers from this company.
this one is my favorite. zac's footprint on a painted 8 x 10 canvas. the uppercase living sticker, "zachary isaak," is on top. so cute! interested? let me know. i'll hook you up with the uppercase living consultant. don't want to make the canvas yourself? let me know. i can do this for you.

this next one is also on canvas. it's a mixed media piece using a plaster technique i picked up from an artist friend who teaches at texas tech. the sticker is the "create."

this next one is pretty cool too. take one old piano and add one uppercase living "H," and presto, you've got a customized piece of furniture!

this last one has been on this blog before, but i'll show it again because it's great. this is a 16 x 16 painted canvas (the red is painted too.) the sticker is the baseball player on top. talk about a homerun!

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