Monday, April 13, 2009

zac's recent work

since i'm always talking about zane's art, i thought i would take a minute to show some of zac's talent. he too is really into crayons and coloring now. unfortunately for us, he feels too confined by paper and canvas. for a while now, he has been in what i would call his graffiti artist period. the first picture is of the front of my refrigerator.

nice, right?! i know, it looks like a heart. yes, he's very talented for 17 months. this next piece was an easter present for us and is on the window ledge of the big window in my living room.

fantastic. nice use of color and gesture and it looks like a rainbow (insert eye roll here.) some of his earlier works, on my leather couch, the front door and the wall of the studio were not photographed.

that face pretty much says it all, doesn't it!

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