Monday, November 30, 2009

jaeartworks holiday happenings

tis the season to be jolly! if you're anything like me, it sounds more like "tis the season to be stressed", right?? sometimes coming up with gift ideas can suck the merry right out of christmas. well, i think i've got some gift ideas that can help you out.

as i wrote last month, i've been working with ceramics for the first time. and i have really been happy with the results. i did this decorative plate for thanksgiving that i just love. it is the same hand print turkey we've all seen for years, but now it's a fantastic keepsake that can be displayed year after year.i like to display mine on a metal easel on the counter in my kitchen. then i can just change the piece to fit each season. gobble, gobble!

here is my newest plate for christmas. the hand print christmas tree is my favorite design of all! i could also just as easily do a footprint angel or a hand print reindeer. so many possibilities!

these plates are decorative only because the paint is on the surface of the plate where the food would touch.i f you would like something that can be used for serving as well, then we can do a piece where the paint goes on the outside. i made these thumbprint coffee mugs for my in laws for christmas. so delicious!

and of course, i still do my classic canvas pieces, which also look great on display easels. i pull mine out every year for christmas and display them on my piano. i think the canvas elevates the simple print into a work of art.
there is something else new at jaeartworks as well- my new bag tags. i started making these for my own boys to go on their bags for school and church. i can make any theme and any name and can put whatever information you need on the back. so cute and so handy! and a great stocking stuffer for only $6. To see more bagtags go here!
merry christmas!


  1. I love the Christmas plate, do you share how you get the print to stay on the plate without washing off? I teach Kindergarten, and I think it'd be a great gift for my students to make for their parents. Thank you for your inspiration, these are amazing! We do handprints every month on paper and put them into a end of the year portfolio, but one to keep every year would be a great idea! :) Merry CHRISTmas!

  2. I agree. Did you spray anything on the plate? What kind of marker did you use?

  3. I agree. Did you spray anything on the plate? What kind of marker did you use?

    1. I do not spray anything on the plates. Here is a link to the post I wrote on how I paint the ceramics. It will tell you everything I use!


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