Tuesday, October 11, 2011

pinterest challenge

so, have you discovered pinterest yet?  i have.  i read about it in a magazine a few months ago and was instantly intrigued.  a way to instantly bookmark or "pin" all the great things and ideas you come across on a daily basis into one place, where you can easily find them and the original source at any time...sounds like a creative dream come true.  and that's exactly what it is.  but, i've been thinking a lot about pinterest lately for a different reason.  i've been pinning ideas left and right, but i rarely go back and look at them, much less actually do them.  and that got me wondering if there weren't others just like me...caught up in too much pinning, not enough doing.  so, with halloween around the corner, to be followed by thanksgiving and christmas, i thought now would be a great time to post a pinterest challenge.  my idea...to set a goal to make at least one project i found on pinterest in one month's time.  you guys with me so far?  4 weeks- at least 1 completed project.  then i thought, why not invite others to join me!?  if you are interested, all you have to do is complete 1 project you found on pinterest, make it, and then send me a picture of it with your name and the original website or blog where the idea was posted.  you can email the information to me at julie@jaeartworks.com or post it on my jaeartworks facebook page here.  then, on tuesday, november 15th, i will post my completed project AND any other completed projects you guys send me!  if you are a blogger or have your own website, send me that info too, and i'll link it.  if you are not on pinterest and you want to see what it's all about...contact me.  right now, the only way to join pinterest is by invitation, but send me your email address, and i will send you an invite.  if you are interested in seeing the projects i have pinned on there, click the red pinterest button on the right sidebar, and you'll have access to all my pins!  also, next week, i will post my first ever "print" project/tutorial on this blog.  so, if you want, you can come back here, grab that idea and make it.  so, the real question is, do i have time for this?  absolutely not.  and that is exactly why it's called a challenge!

happy pinning, and even happier doing,



  1. Great idea! I will start looking through all my boards & decide what I want to make....

  2. Great idea! I will join you because I am way too busy to:) I just blogged about pinterest and my pinning of color combos...does that count??? I am actually using something I pin. I would hate to waste even more time than that I already waste pinning. Whew...that was quite the sentence...


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