Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i am a figurative artist.  when i was in art school, it was a very contemporary art program.  i wanted to learn how to draw and paint people.  realistically.  here is my latest finished portrait.  mission accomplished, i guess.  you can see more of my drawings like these by clicking here.

"brett"  graphite on paper  18"x24"  (2011)

but back to that contemporary art training.  while my art professors admired my dedication to learning technical skills, they also pushed me to go past that and create more complex pieces of art.  at the suggestion of a painting professor, i started combining realistic works with other pieces, and reworking them as a whole.  and thus, my mixed media art works were born.   you can read more about my contemporary art beginning here.

"portrait of a fairytale"   mixed media on canvas  48"x72"  (1997)

as i'm sure you can tell, there is a huge difference between my latest portrait and my art school painting.  what happened in the middle?  life happened.   i started teaching, got married and had kids.  my portrait business came about sort of by accident while i was teaching, and then quickly evolved into the kid art stuff as my kids were born (you can get that whole story here.)  and while i was technically making art, i was moving farther and farther from the artist i was after art school.  

then the strangest thing happened.  one of the pastor's at my church asked me to paint a portrait of christ to go along with a sermon series.  you can see that whole story here.

"king"  acrylic on canvas  12"x24"  (2009)

in short, i really enjoyed the graphic nature of the painting, and it got me thinking about starting my own work again.  what if i could some how combine graphic portraits or figurative works with the technical precision i love with mixed media or collage elements?   in a way, go back to my roots.  it couldn't hurt to try, right?  so i started with this self portrait.

"surfacing"  acrylic and paper on canvas   16"x20"  (2011)

"surfacing (detail)" 

the title is "surfacing" because to me it symbolizes just that...me coming out of a long period of either no art or art for other people and reemerging into my own.  i can tell you my vision is not all there yet, but it sure feels good to be on the hunt for it again.

to be working.

to be breathing.

to have surfaced.



  1. Oh Oh Oh!!! I have just found you as you left a comment on my blog! When I grow up I want to be you!!! Your work is absolutely incredible!!!! Will be a regular visitor now!

  2. Hi Julia - thanks so much for the blog visit! I really enjoyed looking through your blog; I love that you are able to easily switch back and forth between realism and more graphic style.


  3. wow, your work is amazing. So glad you're publishing it! We have many blogs in common, I see.

  4. Julia, congratulations on emerging as an artist again. I've been through this same kind of "re-surfacing" myself, and it is well worth the growing pains, believe me. I really enjoyed seeing some of your previous work and hearing your personal story. I wish you much luck on your new path!


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