Tuesday, October 18, 2011

pin it, make it, post it... love it!

to go along with the pinterest challenge i posted last week (click here to read that) i thought i would post my first-ever tutorial.  if you like this, feel free to "pin" it and send me a picture of your completed project for my challenge!

with halloween just around the corner, i get to display one of my favorite "print"works from my own personal collection.   

my sons and I made this in 2008, and i can't tell you how much i love it every fall when i pull it out.  my youngest son's birthday is near halloween.  those are his sweet baby footprints on there!  so i thought i would do a new one this year with him, using his hand prints this time.

the hand print and foot print ghosts are pretty simple to make.  the key is to get a great print.  that can be tricky with acrylic paint because it dries so quickly.  and it's even trickier with white, which seems to dry the fastest of them all.  so, for this project i recommend a craft white acrylic and a slow-dry blending medium. these are the ones i used for mine.  the liquitex medium will run you around $6, but you can buy it at any one of the craft stores using a coupon.  and you can use this medium any time you need to slow down the drying time on acrylic paint.  you will also need a black canvas or canvas board (i paint mine black ahead of time and let it dry thoroughly) but i know they sell canvases that are already black at the craft stores now too.  you could also use black paper, but keep in mind that it may warp some with the paint on it.  let me also just add quickly, especially if you do footprints, you may want an extra pair of adult hands to help out!

on your palette or plate, you want to mix equal parts of the paint and the medium.

use a palette knife to mix the two together until they are blended completely.  paint the precious little hand or foot until it is covered completely with the paint.  do not use too much paint though.  you don't want any globs.

turn the hand over and press onto the canvas where you want it.  it might be a good idea to practice that with the child at least one time before doing the paint.  that also helps you know exactly where you want to put it too.  press the hand straight down, press down once in the middle, once near the wrist, and once on each finger, all the time reminding him to keep his hand still.  try your best not to slide the hand!

then pull the hand straight up.  remember, if the fingers slide a little, that is just part of what makes these prints cute!  but if you accidentally get some paint in a place you don't want, if you use a wet paper towel or baby wipe while the paint is still wet, you may be able to get it off.  wash the child's hand (i use baby wipes)  and repeat with the other one.

i let the fingers and thumb on mine overlap a bit. after the last print, set it aside and let it dry before trying to add the faces or text.  you also have the option to let it dry in between hand prints too, if you are worried about messing up prints you already made.  once dry, use a pencil to lightly draw the eyes and mouth on each ghost.

then carefully paint in the eyes using a small brush.  if you don't feel comfortable painting those, another option is to use a black sharpie marker.  the first picture below is with marker and the second is with paint.

after that dries, you can add text if you want.  i always paint my text too, which can be very tricky.  in this case, i still am not sure about which text, if any, that i want to use.  so i used white stickers as a temporary solution.  maybe the stickers will become permanent, who knows?!  you could absolutely use stickers or glue chipboard letters on though if you don't want to paint text. or you could leave it blank with just the prints, which is what i may go back to.  the idea is to capture the prints, make it your own, and treasure it! 




  1. These are adorable...and I don't even LIKE Halloween!

  2. this is so freaking cute! i love this idea!

  3. thanks you guys. this is one of my very favorites!

  4. What a sweet and wonderful idea. I wonder if I can get my 20 year old to do this? Probably not. ;)

  5. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I used to belong to a crazy quilt group and we would do this type of round robin. I love these ladies and the bottom line is that now I'll have a little piece of them on my CQ block. But wow...I've never thought about doing it with drawing! Cool idea.


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