Tuesday, November 22, 2011

not made in china

today's confession: i can not make everything myself.  hmmm... maybe i should rephrase that: i should not make everything myself.  these ikea chairs from my boys' room are exhibit a.

my boys love these chairs.  but how long do you think it was before that white pad (and that is your only choice when you buy them!) was filthy?  so i did a search online and found 1 person who made designer covers for that chair.  i then decided that i should just go ahead and make them myself.  12 hours and 1 ginormous headache later, i had them!  not bad, huh???

well, here they are again...1 month later.

so i gave in and ordered them from jcaroline home.  and look at them now!  for $45 i got a completely new pad covered in a very durable, deep orange fabric.  and she has all kinds of fabrics and patterns to choose from.  they still look great over a month later, i might add.  and trust me, they've had some wear and tear!


my next search was for some bird earrings.  i wanted them to be very simple, so i thought surely i should just make them myself.  then i came across these from off beet on etsy.  i love these so much!  it was well worth $12 (and that included the shipping) to not have to drag myself all over town trying to find the stuff to do it on my own.

and did you know i am a huge football fan?  it's true.  you can blame it being raised by a football coach.  well, check out  my new game day tassel earrings from  paper taxi.  she did not have purple in her etsy shop (which i need for my tcu games) so she made them special for me.  love!

i found these totally quirky, super awesome skull earrings for a gift for one of our artist friends at sora designs on etsy.  i haven't given them to her yet, and truthfully, i really don't want too!

and how about these halloween name tags my sister-in-law made for my son's 4th birthday party?  could not have made these better myself.  perfection!

or this moss covered "h" by green crow gallery?!  love, love, love! 

and don't you just love these ornaments, also by green crow gallery.  simple and natural yet elegant, they look like something straight out of better homes and gardens!  her website is not up right now, but if you want more information on these items, let me know and i'll give you contact information.

so, if you have the time, money and inclination to make something yourself...i say go for it!  i know i'll never stop.  but, sometimes it's nice to have it done for you. 

this christmas season i raise my glass and toast to all the artists and artisans out there following their dreams and all their wonderful and unique items, not made in china!

have yourself a handmade christmas,



  1. Hi Julia,
    how fun to share with your great finds. Thanks a lot for featuring.

    Wen from sora designs

  2. Great post! I am such a fan of handmade for the holidays and always. Now I am going to check out the store that sells those skull earrings.

  3. You are so right that sometimes it is just better to spend a few more dollars and let the person with the expertise have our business - handmade is definitely the way to go, though!

  4. Indeed! Handmade, hand grown....there is so much talent out there. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it all!


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