Tuesday, November 8, 2011

studio life

it's sort of a somber day in the studio for me today.  i talked a little about the sudden loss of my father last may in this post here, and as we move into the holiday season, i feel the heaviness of that loss descending upon me.  for those of us with artistic souls, we know that sometimes there is no better medicine than making art.  that being said, my studio has been bursting with artistic life, for which i am profoundly grateful.  here's a little peek:

art lessons!  the opportunity of passing of artistic knowledge to other artistic souls is priceless for me.

carly and brandon at work

pinterest projects!  i will post the results of the pinterest challenge that i wrote about here next tuesday, november 15th.  no, it's not too late to join me! 

part of my halloween pinterest project!

a sneak peek at my other pinterest project!

then there is my own work.  i've got several pieces going right now.  most are commissioned, like that portrait there and that green canvas with the sweet little prints on it, but that large blue painting is my newest work in progress.

i have been feeling my momentum on this one slowing...taking me to that place where you're not sure what to do next and you don't want to mess up what you've already done.  you artists out there, you know what i'm talking about.  well, this post from my fiber artist friend at bohemiannie art came out at just the right time and has inspired me to just do it any way.  now, I just have to finish this blog post and go do it.  and here's to hoping that working on it will soothe my soul today.  

cheers to you,



  1. Wow Julia...thank you. I know you'll feel better after plunging in and from the looks of it...you've got a fantastic start! I'm sorry about your father and know just what you mean because our parents are all gone to another place. It's a sweet sorrow now.

  2. PS (I've copied my reply to your comment from my blog here...Thank you Julia...from the bottom of my heart. And thanks for the link...and for teaching those kids)!

  3. Hi Julia, Your artwork is beautiful, and itlooks like you are keeping very busy! Sorry to hear about your father. I hope that some creative time to yourself will help to soothe your soul. Wini xo

  4. Great pieces..your work is amazing! Sorry about your dad...you are blessed to have your art to lose and express yourself in...his soul is part of you always...he lives on thru you!

    Take care........

  5. You are such a talented artist! Please post a pic of your works as you complete them. I am sad to hear about the loss of your dad. I can't even begin to imagine how hard that must be. xo

  6. My family and I lost our father right after Thanksgiving last year...so I share in your thoughts....

    Art can bring much solace ...for which I'm also grateful!!

    So...when will you post your Scratchcam pics!! Soon I hope!!!


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