Tuesday, December 6, 2011

holiday happenings

this post is going to be quick this week, as i am up to my eyeballs in the studio with work.  first things first, though.  i had a portrait deadline this past week, which i'm happy to say that i made.  this is ellie.  her aunt comissioned her as a gift for her parents for christmas.  i sincerely hope this portrait brings them joy for many, many years!

graphite on paper      16"x20"

so, besides doing portraits, teaching private art lessons, and making my own art, i also do a line of kid art using hand prints and foot prints.  i like to call them "printworks."  you can see finished examples on my website here or on my facebook page here.    this past sunday, my friends in waxahachie hosted a party for me and here is the stuff i need to finish.

i didn't even get all of it this picture, hence my wording "up to my eyeballs!"  and, i can't forget that other full-time job i have of at-home wife and mother. 

my boys are only 6 and 4, so this time of year i also have that all important 3rd full-time job, otherwise known as "santa's helper."  no worries...i can do it all.  right??? 

i'll leave you with one more thing before i go.  last week i posted a cute upcycled lightbulb santa tutorial.  you can click here to see it.  my art students are still working on these, but one has finished so i thought i would show you.  this one is by carly age 11.

carly always likes to do her own thing over here, which i love.  she made hers in to mrs. claus.  she wasn't sure about how to give her hair.  i tossed her a thing of gray yarn and told her to figure it out.  and figure it out she did!  i think she was so clever in how she chose to wind it.  here's the top.

like i said, so clever!  i told you it was a good problem-solving exercise. 

so, i'm going back to painting now.  wishing you a joyous and creative holiday season!



  1. Enjoyed your post very much! Sounds like you're a busy girl!

  2. Cool stuff....and you do sound busy, busy, busy! A happy holiday to you too!!


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