Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry christmas!

the business side of our studio is shut down until after our kids go back to school in january.  we were traveling earlier this week, and now we are home getting ready for christmas.  thought i would share some pics from around our small, 1950s house.

this is elfie, our antique elf that is spending the holidays with us.  he once belonged to my great grandmother! 

we are doing our own version of "elf on the shelf" with him, and he has shown up in some interesting places!

artwork by heidi lingamfelter

artwork by winter rusiloski

we have a small, thin christmas tree because of lack of space, but it's still pretty when it lights up!

and you just can't escape the art over here.  it even peeks out from behind the tree.

artwork by omar hernandez

i am really liking sparkle this year, so the boys and i made some pretty leaves.  my 4 year old's preschool teacher gave him the largest leaf i've ever seen.  so we spray painted it (and some smaller ones) gold and sprinkled gold glitter on them while they were still wet.  i'm using them as a centerpiece on my table. 

i also found these shiny letters at hobby lobby.  with a few stitches, i attached the initial letter of each of our names on our stockings.

i ran sparkly ribbon down the middle of a closet door to display the photo christmas cards.  i think i actually need to add a second row now!

thanking you all for the best year yet for jaeartworks, and wishing you a very merry, magical, sparkly christmas!



  1. What fun! Merry Christmas to you !

  2. My mom has one of those elves and I was madly in love with it when I was a kid! I used to play with him non-stop. I love how you move him around like that travelocity gnome, never know where he will turn up. Love the shiny leaves!



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