Tuesday, January 31, 2012

go and be a blessing

my studio feels like it is bursting at the seams.  there's that one painting i'm still wrestling with and another i'm trying to finish for a fundraising auction at my son's school.  there are clay scultptures waiting to be fired, stacks of plates waiting to be painted, and piles of art student work in progress.  and there are 2 portraits that need to get going.  i am busy.  sometimes i am stressed.  but, more importantly, i am grateful!

usually tuesdays are my studio work day, and i start with my blog post for the week.  today was different for me though, because i spent the day helping my friend who is pregnant do some painting in the nursery.   and because the past week or so has been even more busy and crazier than usual, i have nothing ready.  instead of skipping though,  i thought this would be a good time to share this with you.  i first saw it posted a few days ago by kelly rae roberts on facebook , but it is originally from the inspiring blog brave girls club.  isn't it funny how such a small thing as a picture of a sign can inspire you?  i love, love, love!

may you inspire and be inspired. 
may you be blessed, and
may you be a blessing!



  1. Great thoughts....and wonderful post!!!

  2. I love this too! And Julia...just take a deep breath and do the next thing...keeping your grateful spirit alive in each and every moment! In will all be done in it's time.

  3. I love that large photo on your wall of the little girl. Is that you?

    1. The girl in the painting is my sister. She was born when I was 22. I've used this picture of her in several art pieces over the years.

  4. My sentiments exactly!
    I love that wall just full of ...everything. It looks great.

  5. A perfect post - sometimes the best things are the most simple and right in front of our eyes! xo


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