Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i heart photo apps

so last week i showed you a couple pics i created with apps on my iphone for an online collaborative project.  you can see my post here and the project here.  this week i wanted to share my list of my 5 favorite, must-have apps.

#1- instagram     so easy and fun to use...you can easily flip through the different filters until you find the one you like.  you can easily post to your social networks if you want to, and it's even its own social network if you choose to use it that way!  let me emphasize that you do not have to use it socially.  you can absolutely use it and keep your own roll of photos private!

#2- camera +    it took me a little while to learn this one, but now i actually use this one as my main camera most of the time.  it has a lot of filters and special effect choices, and i find the crop tool on this one to be the easiest to use. 

#3- snapseed    i'm still actually learning all the ends and outs of this one, but so far i really feel the filters on this one are of exceptional quality.

#4- scratchcam    this one is really cool.  you can create vintage and grungy photos so easily.  you can control the filters to customize as you choose, but most of the time i like to just push the "random" button over and over until i see one i like!

#5- grungetastic    i don't use this one as much as scratchcam, but it's still cool.  it also allows you to choose whether you want create custom effects, or just hit the "dice" button and let it choose random filters for you.

so there you have it... certainly not my entire library of apps, but definitely my favs.  and let me share a couple more of my iphoto creations with you.  this one i created for my brother-in-law who recently ran (and finished!!!) the ironman marathon.  i did half the work in photo apps and half in photoshop on my computer.  i printed it large and framed it for him for christmas.

for this next one, i used color effects pro, which allows you to recolor photos to your choosing.  this is my 4 year old who loves to dress up as superheros!

and this one was taken by that same 4 year old when we were at a football game.  zachary is an avid iphonographer (you can see this post here to read more about his passion.)  his latest obsession is the app called camera art fx, which allows him to take photos that look like drawings or paintings!

photo by zachary           age 4

speaking of my 4 year old, i have a new preschool art class that just started!   it will be every other monday from 10-11.  the next time we will meet will be monday, february 6th.  there are 3 spots left in the class, so let me know if you are interested.  here is what they painted this past monday.  doesn't this painting just warm your heart?!

here's to branching out to new things!

- julia


  1. I love this blog. What a gift it is to teach little ones art! Great job on the pix above. Your son is doing an awesome job with his photography! Please give him a big BRAVO from me! And the picture you did for you BIL is just wonderful!

    1. Thank you. You know I love your blog too!!!

  2. Great list!!! I think all these apps are wonderful! How about Hipstamatic!? Got to be on my top 10 list!!!

    1. I found 3 of those 5 apps from your blog, Dave! haha- now I'm off to add Hipstamatic to my growing collection. Don't have that one yet.

  3. i love instagram & camera+, been wanting to check out hipstamatic too, plastic bullet is fun & i havn't used it much but picframe for collages...your son is too cute :)


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