Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new years crash

so my new year has started, not with a bang, but with a crash.  as in my computer has crashed.  until it is fixed or replaced, my access to photoshop and a desktop will limited as i have to share with my art professor husband.  luckily, for this week, i had some pictures ready to go.

years ago when i was teaching public school, i made a trade with another teacher who was a great quilter.  i did a couple portraits, and in return, she took my husband's prized tshirt collection from his youth and turned them into this fabulous quilt.  this is, hands down, the most treasured and functional blanket in our house.

fast forward to the present.  this is my newest scarf, a gift handmade by my friend, robin, of bailey bear & co.  she made it from recycled tshirts, using a purple color palette to go along with my love of tcu.  how fantastic is this?  i love, love, love!  my mind is already churning on different ones i can have her make for me.  wouldn't this be another great way to show case tshirts you have but can't or don't wear any more?  yeah, i think so too! 


i also took these pictures of my boys with their sparklers on new years eve.  i have some really cool photo apps on my iphone and ipad that i'm loving.  i'll have to do a post about my favorite ones later, but if you are really interested now, you should check out this blog here.  dave will show you lots of cool pictures and artworks and tell you the apps and filters he used.  i've found several of my new favorites from him!

happy 2012!



  1. I LOVE the pictures of your boys!
    So sorry to hear about your computer. Mine was down for 8 days when I got back from vacation in December and it threw me for a loop!!! Hope it's an easy fix like mine was.

  2. Thanks for the posting the scarf...glad you like. I am having fun working with the t-shirts and the whole "upcycle" concept. By the way, your boys are precious! --robin

  3. Yikes! To lose your computer....now that's my biggest fear!! I have back-ups upon back-ups but if my MacBook dies...I don't know what I'd do. Of course that would give me an excuse to get a iMac.... Thank goodness for my iPhone and iPad!!

    Can't wait to see what you do for the Recipe Book!!


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