Tuesday, February 28, 2012

art is happening...

this is my main working wall in my studio.  i sort of see it as a large work of art itself, ever changing...ever evolving.  the story of my life as an artist, if you will.  in fact, if it ever seems like it has stayed the same for too long, that is a sign that there's not enough art happening.

but art is happening over here.  as an artist i like to compartmentalize my stuff.  what i consider "my art" are only those pieces that i do out of my own desire to create art, and only in what i consider to be my style.  like the blue painting above. 

then there is the "kid art," like this platter i just finished.

other categories include "portraits" (i've got two to do!) and  "products" (like the bag tags i make.) 

then there are ones i consider "commissions"- like this mixed media painting that is going in the fundraising auction for arlington classics academy next month.

i've recently had to add a category- let's just call it "experimental."  this one holds all the new stuff i've been trying as i've been inspired by other artists, articles, and books.  included in this category are the two paintings i'm doing for my new eclass called "bloom true."  anything in this category has the potential to move up into "my art," but not until I sufficiently master the technique and merge it into my style.  oh lord, i sound crazy, don't i?

just curious if any other artists feel this way?  do you like to give what you make different labels, or do you just consider it all your art? 

well, regardless, art is happening.  and i sincerely hope it is happening to you too, in whatever form that may be.




  1. Cool Art...no matter how it's labeled!! I guess I divide mine "mixed-media" and "photography"....but as long as it's happening, then I'm happy!!

    I just finished several pieces...hope to get them posted on my blog today or tomorrow...check them out for me and let me know what you think!!

  2. Yes!! It's actually hard to know which things to include on my blog because I have such varied interests.

    1. Oh I know that's true too! Sometimes I worry if my posts are as all over the place as my artist endeavors, I might lose some readers. But, then I figure I'll lose even more if I try to be something I'm not. Thanks Teri!

  3. fellow bloomer here....don't you just love the freedom of this process. I am in love with it. I feel too like it is melding into my style of painting and changing it forever. Would love to see where your paintings continue to go!


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