Tuesday, February 7, 2012

hands in motion

does anyone out there find hands as fascinating as i do?  i love to watch my kids' hands as they work.  sometimes i wonder if they think i'm crazy when i'm taking pictures of them- lol!

i have to include this one of my 4 year old putting flowers in a vase for me.  don't those dirty fingernails just melt your heart?

here's my own print.  i'm thinking this will be the logo for jaeartworks.

and i don't think i ever showed this finished piece.  this is my latest "family portrait" that i have hanging on the narrow wall next to my kitchen.

told you i love hands!  do you have something you are fascinated with?

have a blessed week,


  1. Fun!!! You know, there are times when I will watch a person's hands while they talk....these often will tell me more than what they are saying..

  2. OMG! Never thought of that. Hands YES Lord I love my hands too. XO! How cute are your kids, little budding artists.

  3. I've always liked hands, too! My students constantly ask me "what are you taking a picture of?"


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