Tuesday, March 6, 2012

little artists, big inspiration

this week, i thought i would share some things some of my youngest art students are doing.  despite their young ages, i really find them and their passion for art quite inspiring!

 i have a new preschool class that, honestly, i started as a trial.  i just wasn't sure how much i was going to be able to do with kids this little.  i wondered if they would even be able to go for an hour.  but they have absolutely amazed me!  in the last class we did our own mondrian-like paintings.  now, this is not an original lesson idea by any stretch of the imagination.  i've seen lessons like this for years.  i do send out special thanks to katie at adventures of an art teacher though, because her blog gave me the idea to print the black lines using cardboard.  for ours, we used a plastic ruler dipped in black acrylic paint.  not only did it work well, but i just wiped it off with a baby wipe when we were finished, so clean up was a breeze.

and then there is max, my kindergarten student, who constantly blows my mind.  his latest project was no exception.  i admit, my original intention for this one was very different then how it actually turned out.  (i was thinking much simpler lines and paint!) but, sometimes, you have to abandon your plans and go where the flow of a piece takes you.

i think it took us to amazing! 
     "my family"       prismacolor and marker on 12"x12" paper       

so this week, here's to inspiration, and finding it in the smallest places!



  1. Bravo! You can give yourself a big pat on the back!

  2. Wow! Indeed!! The problem with adult artists is that we think too much...kids don't have that problem - until we teach them

    1. That's so right, Dave. They have no fear of making something ugly or messing something up. Of course, they don't pay for any of the supplies either- lol!


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