Tuesday, March 27, 2012

this is how we (used to) do it.

sometimes i feel a great disconnect between what i am doing now, and what i was doing back in art school.  i have a long love affair with the contemporary art world, that even includes a period of estrangement and separation.  over spring break i decided to pull out some of my old work from then... pieces i have not looked at in over a decade.

most of them i looked at and then promptly put back into storage.  but, for some reason, i got the grand idea to take the largest one back to our house.  i was feeling nostalgic.  well, we don't really have the space for nostalgia right now.  and here it is taking up half of the windows in my studio.  not my brightest idea.  and, see, i told you it was big.

this painting being around has got me thinking about art school, though, and how we used to do things back then.  (back then for me is the early and mid 90's.)  like floppy disks.  you guys remember these?

and later on, we got really fancy with zip disks!

and we had an entire class on building a portfolio and shooting and preparing slides.

and when we need images we had to go to the library and make photocopies.

or take out the camera and load it with film and shoot pictures.  when you wanted to get fancy and merge images together, you would shoot a roll of pictures, then go in the lab in complete darkness, pull out the film, wind it back up, and then re-shoot pictures on top of the first ones.  that's right...i know some of you photographers out there remember the good ole double exposures.  and the photo lab...sigh...

and, who can forget, typing up your papers on the good ole typewriter?  although i will admit that towards the end there may have been some word processing for me.  but nothing like what's available now.

sometimes it is overwhelming to see how things have changed so much!  what do you all remember that may feel somewhat obsolete now?

here's to remembering the past, to honoring the journey, and to looking forward to an exciting future!



  1. Yea....I remember all of those things...used them all!!! I even started with punch cards to run my computer programs!! I still use film (process my own b&w)...still have a manual typewriter...have carousels of slides and a slide projector.... don't have an 8-track player in my car...never did...still listen to LP's played on a record player....and did see the first episode of Star Trek when it started!! But you know what they say...if you remember the 60's/70's...then you weren't really there.....

    1. Can you still get ribbons for manual typewriters?

  2. I loved that walk down memory lane! I remember the BIG floppy disks, and then the smaller ones. Are you glad you went to art school? I wish I had the formal training.

  3. Yes I am glad I went to art school. Sometimes I'm sorry that I didn't get my masters in art (I got a second degree in education instead.) I am absolutely amazed at the mixed media art world that has developed and how many artists there are now that are self taught now. I think that's great. But I say take a class here and there where you can. I'm taking one now in fact! Oh, and I'm not sure if you can still get ribbon for manual typewriters anymore, but I would being willing to bet on it.

  4. I definitely remember all of those things. I'll add a few: Going to the computer lab to write a paper because only a few students had their own computers (and being jealous of the friend that had the little boxy Mac). My college still had card catalogs and was just transitioning into electronic cataloging when I graduated (1994). I loved working in the darkroom and do miss those days. Something magical about it. Email was JUST becoming a "thing" and the program we used in the lab was DOS, not even Windows or a proper OS. I didn't go to art school but I took an art class each semester. Art wasn't a "practical" major... so I majored in English lit. Anyone else sensing the irony there? ;)

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

    1. Oh I can't believe I forgot the card catalogs! Lol- I started out as an English major too. I didn't even know you could major in art. My grandmother was a painter, so my second year of college I decided I wanted to take a painting class. The class was only for art majors though. So I changed my major to take the class! And I didn't even learn how to email until I took the very first Photoshop class they ever offered...I think it was '96. Thanks for sharing!!!


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