Tuesday, March 20, 2012


so, for some reason, i had all these grand ideas of all the work i was going to get done over spring break last week.  and, right on cue, reality came crashing in and promptly kicked all those ideas to the curb.  i'm not bitter, though.  really, what was i thinking in the first place?!

i did manage to finally do some iphonography, and got a couple of them processed to an acceptable level.  just in time too, since it's already time for the monthly iphonography challenge i link to called "dave's app recipe book."  dave's list goes live wednesday.  click that snazzy logo there and check out some of my fellow iphonographers.  trust me, i am not even close to being as good as most of these others!

the rules?  all photos must be taken and processed using phone camera apps (no photoshop allowed!)  and you must give your "recipe" for how you created the pictures.  the number of apps you use and how you use them is only limited by your imagination.

just to prove to myself that my spring break was at least somewhat artistically productive, my photos this month are from spring break last week.  this first one is of my boys when we were on a play date with some of their closest buddies.  they were in full out soldier mode.  i, do hereby, solemnly swear, that i did not stage this first picture.  i saw them at the top of the stairs and ran up to snap a quick pic.  the lighting of the pic wasn't even that good.  but hello iphone apps!

i took the pic in camera+, which is the best when you need to snap a pic and fix it later, because it will let you hold as many pics on there as you need until you have time to mess with them.  with most other apps, you need to process it before you can take or open another picture.  so...the recipe?  camera+...freestyle crop..."night" filter.  Then phototoaster..."contrast" filter... "crosscut" filter...small black vignette and torn edge.

the second picture is from my inlaw's property in the country.  the truth is, when i was searching my camera roll, i had forgotten i had even snapped a quick pic of these.   i'm not even sure what these are, but i thought they looked interesting. 

the recipe for this one is: camera+..."portrait" filter.  then phototoaster..."old school" filter..."sharpen" filter...torn edge.

so i had these pics ready to go like this a few days ago.  but then i was introduced this gorgeous blog by nina bagley by reading this great blog by seth apter.  and i was so inspired by her beautiful photos that i just had to see these distressed a little more.  so i ran them both through scratchcam (using the random button until i liked them) and got these...

what do you guys think?  to scratch or not to scratch...that is the question.

this week...here's to unexpectations and finding treasures you didn't even know you had!



  1. These are great! Thanks so much for participating again this month!! I like the fact that you "mined" your camera roll for images to work with...I do that all the time! In fact some of my favorites have happened this way!

  2. Scratched..the older looking the better. However you cannot go wrong with any pics of boys playing...

  3. I love them Scratched!! But I am seriously addicted to scratchcam and grunge! LOL I love the pic of your boys, I can totally imagine the scene. Having three boys of my own, and twins at that... I can see it! :)

    And watch for an update on phototoaster, your gonna love it.. hint hint... Thats all I can say ;)

  4. Gosh, both versions are fabulous. In the long run the first versions will probably stand-the-test-of-time. But for now the scratched ones have a particular mood . . .

  5. Fantastic, Julia!!! I love the scratches :)

  6. Both versions are great but I do like a bit of scratchiness. I've downloaded PhotoToaster after reading your post. Having a lot of fun with all these apps I'm learning about.


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