Tuesday, April 24, 2012

texas draws II (through iphonography)

it's that time again...that time of the month where i link to dave's app recipe book, which goes live wednesday, april 25th.  if you have not discovered the vast world of smartphone camera apps, you are missing out.  long gone are the days when you had to carry around a large camera to get high quality photographs.  this past weekend, we were in my hometown of san antonio for an art committee meeting.  on our way out of town on sunday, we stopped at the southwest school of art to check out the texas draws II exhibit, which our good friend, and colleague of my husband, rosemary meza-desplas, was in.  i thought this was a great opportunity to test out some of my apps on photographing art in a gallery. 

photographing art in a gallery (if they will even allow it) can be very tricky due to low lighting, and the fact that flashes are not allowed.  but flashes are bad news when it comes to photographing art anyways.  so i thought this would be a great challenge to see just what the apps could do.  so without further ado...here are some highlights from texas draws II...which is a fantastic show, by the way.

*all the photographs were taken with camera+ and edited one time with either the portrait, auto or clarity filter. then they were processed with one additional filter in phototoaster.

texas draws logo  (phototoaster- newsprint filter)

gallery shot   (phototoaster-  tune up filter)

one of my faves...looks absolutely amazing in person, but so hard to shoot.  it takes drawing into 3 dimensions.

"taken"  by beili liu, reed, 2009     (phototoaster- pro filter)

the boys' favorite.  zac even made mickey mouse look- lol

"our koruna muse" by ian ingram, charcoal, pastel, silver leaf and butterflies on paper, 2009   (phototoaster- clarify filter)

i even tried to crop in for some detail shots, just to see if i could.  the first one is rosemary's, and is another favorite of mine in the show.  these intricate drawings are done with human hair!

"you've come a long way, baby" (detail) by rosemary meza-desplas, hand sewn human hair on canvas, 2012     (phototoaster- newsprint filter)

this next detail is from a large scale drawing (42" x 24" to be exact) in graphite. as someone who has spent her entire artistic career trying to master the graphite pencil, these works really got my attention.

"mano de dios" (detail) by alex rubio, graphite on paper, 2012     (phototoaster-  clarify filter and crop)

and last but not least, my boys had to add their contributions to the "collaborative continuous drawing" on display at the entrance to the gallery.

(phototoaster- rockwell filter)

(phototoaster- dramatic filter)

(phototoaster- old school filter)

if you are in san antonio, or anywhere close, swing by the texas draws exhibit.  you won't be sorry.  and click over to dave's page to see the other iphonographers who are participating in this challenge.  trust me, mine are just the tip of the iceberg.  then, grab your phone and start shooting, so you can join us next month!

here's to broadening your horizons!



  1. These are great! Thanks so much for once again participating!!!

  2. What a bonus! Not only your app recipes but a great look at the exhibition.

  3. Awesome photos. I feel like I've been on a gallery tour. thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great opportunity and awesome photos. Thanks for sharing and participating.

  5. Great shots Julia! I just left Texas on Sunday but we were in the Austin area and north near Fort Hood where my son is stationed. I did get to South Commerce to see the funky shops. San Antonio is on my list for next trip. :)


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