Tuesday, May 22, 2012

wear your art on your sleeve

ok...maybe the title should say wrist, but that is catchier!  i've been dying to show you the art cuffs my students made for mother's day this year.  this first stack is from my preschool class.  yes, you heard me right...i said preschool!  haha...prepare to fall in love...

i got this idea from the blog seven thirty three.  she has a great tutorial on how to make the cuffs out of large popsicle sticks here, so i'm not going to reinvent the wheel.  i will tell you that once i made the cuffs and they were completely dry, i painted each one white first.  the older students painted directly on the cuff, and the little ones painted on a piece of white cardstock cut into the stick shape.  all paper was attached and sealed with modge podge gloss.

  some close ups...

wish i would have gotten a picture of all them, but you get the idea.

i'm.  in.  love!

so this week, here's to what you love...and wearing it on your sleeve!



  1. Fun stuff! What a great project for your students!!!

  2. I would love a bracelet like this. I'm sure these moms will keep them forever.

  3. OH MY!!! These turned out wonderful. It is so unique, I know the moms were super surprised! :)


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