Tuesday, August 14, 2012

chicago art show

so...back to chicago.  my husband is in a group show at the antena gallery in chicago, which opened at the end of july.  remember this post here where i showed you the behind the scenes pictures?  well, here's how all those pieces came together on the gallery walls.

my picture of the 4th piece was too blurry, but here are a couple of pics of the space before it got too crowded,  and i got too busy meeting and greeting.

the show runs through august 25th.  all the art works in the show are for sale, and you can see them all  here

well done, guys!

3 of the 4 current members of cirkit of mythos

here's to artist life...



  1. Here's to YOU! And Hubby! And a GReat art show! With everything sold!!!

  2. Very interesting art pieces, Julie. How wonderful that you and your husband share an interest in art!

  3. Dang autocorrect. What I typed was 'how's it goin'?


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