Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 years

today my baby turns 5 years old.

i can't even tell you how much joy this little boy has brought to our lives.  he is such a character!

how utterly boring our lives would be without him.

happy, happy 5th birthday, zachary isaak!

here's to 5 amazing years!



  1. Is this handsome fellow the same little one as the picture on the top right side of your blog header? So cute!

    1. No. That is the son of one of my best friends. I did drawings of all 3 of their kids. I'm so busy doing commissions for others, I've never actually done my own yet!

  2. Happy Birthday to YOU Zach!!!

    I always thought that if I had another child (this was many years ago) that I'd name it Isaac. Boy or Girl. The name means laughter and I love the thought of that. My daughter's hubby, Pedro would have used that as a middle name if their new baby had been a boy...through NO influence of mine.

  3. PS (I didn't realize you had posted this on the 25th. That's my sister's birthday)!


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