Wednesday, October 10, 2012


don't you just love it when you come across something awesome you made that you totally forgot you made!?  enter these collaged skulls i recently found in my halloween stash.  i made these last year (you can see the original post here) and i just love them! 

so, by the way, does my 4 year old.  possibly a little too much, as the photos he insisted i take of him posing with them clearly show.  lol

that got me thinking about what other halloween inspired treasures i might have buried on my blog.  like this tutorial on how to make these cute handprint and footprint ghosts.

and this tutorial on how to make these awesome dia de los muertos prints!

i also love the dia de los muertos pumpkin i painted last year.  i had totally forgotten about that too!

this week, here's to rewinding, and discovering that which you forgot you even had!


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  1. cool stuff! I don't know what's scarier...your masks or your 4 year old!


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