Wednesday, December 5, 2012

handprint christmas trees

last week, i showed you how i put handprints on ceramics.  this week, i wanted to show you some more super cute options for christmas, using craft acrylics and sharpie markers.  of course, you could do these on canvas.

but you could also do it on paper, like this card...

here's how i did it.  just make sure you let the paint dry in between steps!

i also love it on presents wrapped in plain paper...


or on a white gift box.  (no wrapping necessary!)

and, my personal favorite, on plain gift bags!

and after christmas???  you can cut out the print and stick it in a photo album or scrapbook, put it in a frame, or even stick a magnetic strip on the back for the refrigerator.

 how cute are these under the tree?!

here's to a hand made christmas, (sorry, i couldn't resist!)



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  1. What a cool idea. I'll try this with Sophia when she returns from Indiana. :)


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