Wednesday, December 12, 2012

something old, something new...

something old..

last year, my art students made these cute santas from upcycled light bulbs (click the pic to see my original tutorial)...

and my sons and i made these super easy christmas tree ornaments.  they stuffed some of the glass balls with shiny pipe cleaners (which they gave away as handmade gifts)...

and they stuffed the others with shiny foil shreds i bought at the dollar store. 

 i love these, and they are hanging on our christmas tree right now.  see...

and last year, i displayed our photo christmas cards on a sparkly ribbon running down a door in our living room.  i attached the cards with tiny clothespins i spray painted gold.

and since i can never do the same thing twice...

something new...

this year, to display our photo cards, i made another version of the clothespin wreath i made for the 4th (you can see that one here.)

i used a $3 wire wreath from michaels (the original color was green) and wooden clothespins, all of which i spray painted gold.  i staggered the clothespins around the wreath until i liked the way it looked.  

now, i clip on photo cards as we get them.  can't wait to see it filled up!

 here's to the old and the new,



  1. Oh so clever she is! What fun ornaments!!

  2. Thanks Dave! Ornaments that even very small children can be successful at making that also happen to look awesome on the tree- score!

  3. Awesome idea! It would work for any cards you received. Love it Julie!

    1. That's true, Annie. I keep the other cards somewhere else, but you could totally mix them. Thanks!


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