Tuesday, March 27, 2012

this is how we (used to) do it.

sometimes i feel a great disconnect between what i am doing now, and what i was doing back in art school.  i have a long love affair with the contemporary art world, that even includes a period of estrangement and separation.  over spring break i decided to pull out some of my old work from then... pieces i have not looked at in over a decade.

most of them i looked at and then promptly put back into storage.  but, for some reason, i got the grand idea to take the largest one back to our house.  i was feeling nostalgic.  well, we don't really have the space for nostalgia right now.  and here it is taking up half of the windows in my studio.  not my brightest idea.  and, see, i told you it was big.

this painting being around has got me thinking about art school, though, and how we used to do things back then.  (back then for me is the early and mid 90's.)  like floppy disks.  you guys remember these?

and later on, we got really fancy with zip disks!

and we had an entire class on building a portfolio and shooting and preparing slides.

and when we need images we had to go to the library and make photocopies.

or take out the camera and load it with film and shoot pictures.  when you wanted to get fancy and merge images together, you would shoot a roll of pictures, then go in the lab in complete darkness, pull out the film, wind it back up, and then re-shoot pictures on top of the first ones.  that's right...i know some of you photographers out there remember the good ole double exposures.  and the photo lab...sigh...

and, who can forget, typing up your papers on the good ole typewriter?  although i will admit that towards the end there may have been some word processing for me.  but nothing like what's available now.

sometimes it is overwhelming to see how things have changed so much!  what do you all remember that may feel somewhat obsolete now?

here's to remembering the past, to honoring the journey, and to looking forward to an exciting future!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


so, for some reason, i had all these grand ideas of all the work i was going to get done over spring break last week.  and, right on cue, reality came crashing in and promptly kicked all those ideas to the curb.  i'm not bitter, though.  really, what was i thinking in the first place?!

i did manage to finally do some iphonography, and got a couple of them processed to an acceptable level.  just in time too, since it's already time for the monthly iphonography challenge i link to called "dave's app recipe book."  dave's list goes live wednesday.  click that snazzy logo there and check out some of my fellow iphonographers.  trust me, i am not even close to being as good as most of these others!

the rules?  all photos must be taken and processed using phone camera apps (no photoshop allowed!)  and you must give your "recipe" for how you created the pictures.  the number of apps you use and how you use them is only limited by your imagination.

just to prove to myself that my spring break was at least somewhat artistically productive, my photos this month are from spring break last week.  this first one is of my boys when we were on a play date with some of their closest buddies.  they were in full out soldier mode.  i, do hereby, solemnly swear, that i did not stage this first picture.  i saw them at the top of the stairs and ran up to snap a quick pic.  the lighting of the pic wasn't even that good.  but hello iphone apps!

i took the pic in camera+, which is the best when you need to snap a pic and fix it later, because it will let you hold as many pics on there as you need until you have time to mess with them.  with most other apps, you need to process it before you can take or open another picture.  so...the recipe?  camera+...freestyle crop..."night" filter.  Then phototoaster..."contrast" filter... "crosscut" filter...small black vignette and torn edge.

the second picture is from my inlaw's property in the country.  the truth is, when i was searching my camera roll, i had forgotten i had even snapped a quick pic of these.   i'm not even sure what these are, but i thought they looked interesting. 

the recipe for this one is: camera+..."portrait" filter.  then phototoaster..."old school" filter..."sharpen" filter...torn edge.

so i had these pics ready to go like this a few days ago.  but then i was introduced this gorgeous blog by nina bagley by reading this great blog by seth apter.  and i was so inspired by her beautiful photos that i just had to see these distressed a little more.  so i ran them both through scratchcam (using the random button until i liked them) and got these...

what do you guys think?  to scratch or not to scratch...that is the question.

this week...here's to unexpectations and finding treasures you didn't even know you had!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

spring break art happenings

spring break is next week for most of the schools in north texas, so i thought i would tell you about some of the great museums and what they are planning.

the dallas museum of art has half price admission all week.  they will also have art activities, story times, and family tours.

the nasher sculpture center in dallas will also have half price admission, along with a family spring break late night on march 16th.  the family late night includes a concert and the showing of the movie hugo in 3-d.  the nasher is one of the most gorgeous places to take photos too, so don't forget your camera!

moving to fort worth, the fort worth museum of science and history will have extended hours all week, and is now showing the exhibit "grossology," sure to attract the interests of children of all ages.

another one of my favorite places, the modern art museum of fort worth, will host spring break wonders at the modern, which includes gallery activities every day of spring break from 4 - 4:45.

and right near the modern are the kimbell museum and amon carter.  the kimbell will host a free spring break art extravaganza.  the hours are varying so click here to see the schedule and download the daily schedule of activities.

the amon carter will also have a free family fun week  from 10:30 to 12 tuesday through friday.

and, as always, my studio is open for private lessons.  because...

wishing you a fabulous, art-filled spring break!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

little artists, big inspiration

this week, i thought i would share some things some of my youngest art students are doing.  despite their young ages, i really find them and their passion for art quite inspiring!

 i have a new preschool class that, honestly, i started as a trial.  i just wasn't sure how much i was going to be able to do with kids this little.  i wondered if they would even be able to go for an hour.  but they have absolutely amazed me!  in the last class we did our own mondrian-like paintings.  now, this is not an original lesson idea by any stretch of the imagination.  i've seen lessons like this for years.  i do send out special thanks to katie at adventures of an art teacher though, because her blog gave me the idea to print the black lines using cardboard.  for ours, we used a plastic ruler dipped in black acrylic paint.  not only did it work well, but i just wiped it off with a baby wipe when we were finished, so clean up was a breeze.

and then there is max, my kindergarten student, who constantly blows my mind.  his latest project was no exception.  i admit, my original intention for this one was very different then how it actually turned out.  (i was thinking much simpler lines and paint!) but, sometimes, you have to abandon your plans and go where the flow of a piece takes you.

i think it took us to amazing! 
     "my family"       prismacolor and marker on 12"x12" paper       

so this week, here's to inspiration, and finding it in the smallest places!

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