Wednesday, September 26, 2012

in progress...

here's to progress!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

make it pop

the monthly online iphoneography project (otherwise known as the recipe book project) i like to link to is back from summer hiatus.  my entry this month is a tribute to roy lichtenstein.  we had a chance to see his amazing retrospective at the art institute of chicago this summer. 

due to the large crowd and a large number of no photography allowed signs, i only got a couple photos of artworks.  but, wow, these are just two of a massive collection of work spanning decades assembled in numerous rooms.  awesome.

at the exit, there were even some parting gifts. 

i am sorry to say that before this show, i had completely underestimated lichtenstein's work.  i am happy to say that my eyes have been opened and my mind sufficiently blown.  so, without further ado, here is my entry for the recipe book project.

i took the picture with the reverse cam on my ipad in camera+, applied an auto correct filter, and cropped it to a square.  then i took it into toon paint, turned it into an ink outline, and painted in certain areas with pop colors.  last, i took it into popdot, applied sunday comics -comic 8 for the style, took out the border inset under adjust, and added the text in the bubble under fun stuff.  now that i have given the "recipe", i'd like to add a quick note about the apps used.  i love camera+ and use it all the time.  although i've had toon paint for a while, i haven't used it much.  it did do what i needed it to do for this project though.  popdot, however, is another story.  it crashed on me over and over.  and over and over.  i finally got this version to save, but am still a little surprised by that. 

oh yes, and one more entry.  i love this picture of me in my studio taken by my 4 year old son, zac.  looks like he knows how to use instagram now!  


so there you have it.  if you have any kind of smartphone or tablet device, i truly hope you will try out some of the super fun apps out there.  and if you do, i hope you will join us in a future edition of the recipe book project.  click on over there and check out the entries for this month!

here's to being wrong...and loving it!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

signs of fall

in texas, it takes a little longer for fall to roll in.  but there have been a few signs lately...

 that last one was just 1 morning this past week, but in texas, we'll take what we can get!  

with fall around the corner, i've also been going through my pinterest "art lesson idea" collection, pulling out some of the inspiring ideas i've been saving.

last year we did these great dia de los muertos prints (you can see my original post and tutorial here.)  we are totally doing more of these.  or some version of these.  you know the artists like to change it up!

plus...some leaf prints, as inspired by princess artsypants 

leaf prints on watercolor by princess artsypants

and cedar creek elementary on artsonia .

leaf prints from artsonia

i also love these leaf abstractions by adventures of an art teacher

 and these batik pumpkins by smART class. 

batik pumpkin by smART class

so there you have fall line up.  ready,!

here's to fall!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

practice what you preach

my latest graphite portrait is finished.  i'm asked all the time how long these portraits take me, and the truth is i have no idea.  the truth is, when i work on these, my concentration is so intense that i lose all track of time.  my fall back answer is 20 hours.  i guess.  in the greatest drawing book ever written, drawing on the right side of the brain, betty edwards talks about the shifting of the brain from the left side to the right.  and i can absolutely vouch for that. that is absolutely what happens to me.

graphite on paper      16"x20"       2012

this kind of drawing is intense, tedious, and sometimes mentally exhausting.  and it is just one example of the kinds of drawing that i do.  i believe that the key to my success in drawing is the simple fact that i am always drawing.  and for every finished  large scale portrait like this one, there are sketch books filled with quick, gestural and experimental drawings.  in fact, here are just a few i did during the same time span of this portrait.

2 minute blind gesture (blind because i did not look at the paper i was drawing on.)  i think this may have also been an experiment with water soluble pencils.

2 minute blind gesture with watercolor pencils.  now, i was looking at the paper when i went over the pencil with a brush with water.  and the background was a test with some water soluble crayons.  fail!

5 minute, mostly blind gesture with watercolor paint.  i think i'll try drawing on top of this later.

and a hodge podge of experiments crammed in one.

the truth is, the drawing exercises that i teach my art students are actually the exercises that i do myself on a regular basis.  and my art students... they have all seen my sketch books too...the good, the bad, and the ugly. they know how long it has taken me to get to where i am.  they know how many hours goes into making what i make.  they know how many experiments work out, and how so many more of my experiments fail.  and they know how often i practice, because drawing is a skill that is constantly evolving...

i know i'll never be done.

this's to never settling and to practicing what you preach!


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