Wednesday, January 16, 2013

studio life lately

my children do not know life without a studio.  for them, it is as common as saying we have a kitchen.  welcome to the most used room in our house...

this's to the mess.  because the mess means it's being used!

- julia


  1. Just this morning I have been looking at MY mess, out on my dining table as usual -- sewing machine, paints, ribbons, fabrics, polyester fiberfill...ugh. I wish I had a separate room!

  2. My five boys grew up within a studio also. I find they are willing and eager to start almost any project around their homes. They have a fine understanding of tools, color, can iron and sew, and of course paint. Two are artists. The other three are creative in their own ways. For many years they thought everyone had a studio. That all Mom's could do what I did what a shock when reality of that hit. Enjoy your studio time together. You are giving them great self confidence and a love of art that they will cherish forever.


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