Wednesday, January 9, 2013

think like an artist

hello 2013!  last year, i started my blog off by picking a word of the year.  that word was "inspire."  and, well, i'm good with that being my word of the year again.   that being said, i thought i would start off my first post of 2013 with some of the things inspiring action on my part right now.

this is a trial painting i did based on a photo by my friend, dave, at clearer reflections.  you can see his original post of the photo here.  it was created with probably a good 6-8 layers of paint and then charcoal on 9x12 paper.

as soon as i saw dave's picture, i immediately saw it as a painting.  i wasn't sure why or what i was going to do specifically, but i knew there was potential for a lesson using layers of marks to create depth.  it isn't as apparent in the picture as it is when you see the actual painting in person, but mission totally accomplished.  i'm definitely going to do this with my advanced students. i do think that this first one is entirely too small, so now rolling around in the back of my mind is the idea to do it much, much larger.  one day...

and how about some  dale chihuly?!  almost every art teacher on earth has done a chihuly project of some kind.  but that's because his work is so flat out amazing.  for christmas, my sweet husband took me to see his massive show at the dallas arboretum.  all i can say is wow!  right now i am working on a slide show of the works we saw to show my students, but let me just give you a peek...

i told you.  wow!  not sure what yet, but i definitely feel a chihuly inspired project a-coming.

oh, and prayer flags.  like this one by my friend, annie, at  bohemiannie! art...

this idea has been on my mind since i read this post by annie here back in october. yes, my friends, we are going to start this new year off with a mixed media project that sends prayers and positive thoughts out into the universe.  stay tuned for more on this one...

and i can't forget altered brushes.  i pinned this one by julie fei-fan balzer a long time ago.

i was then reminded of it again with this post here by donna downey.  so, this is another idea starting to take shape. are you with me still?

and, for some reason, i feel compelled to tell you that i saved this piece of wrapping paper and this thank you card from my son's first grade teacher.

really not sure where either of these is going yet.  but that's ok.  that's how it works.

so, happy, happy new year!  i hope this year finds you in the midst of people and things that inspire you.  and i hope you will share your ideas with others, because i assure you, you will inspire someone else.  

here's to inspiration, in all it's forms... and to thinking like an artist!



  1. Great post! You're off to a good year! Love your painting!!!

  2. Awesome painting! I wish I could see both of them in person. Thanks for the linkies to my blog. I'll look forward to hopefully seeing your student's flags And a little of everything else you do with them.


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