Wednesday, February 20, 2013


i've been on what i call a "remix" kick in my house for a while now.  the idea is to change up spaces in my house using things we already own (or in the family), utilizing materials we already own, and spending as little as possible in stores to fill in the gaps.  the ikea pillows on my couch are no exception.  i recover them often with printed duck cloth i buy occasionally on sale or with coupons.  here's my latest change.  loving the yellow!

this old deco chair was given to us by my aunt years ago.  it was in our bedroom for a long time, usually stacked with clothes because our closets in this old house are tiny.  but i digress...
a while back i pulled it out and recovered the seat with gray chevron fabric i had in my stock pile. 

i love the chevron with the deco styling of the chair.  i love the mix of the brown chair with the gray fabric.  i feel like the mixing of those two neutrals is very modern.  what do you think?

then i moved on to the piano.  we have a very old (let's say late 1800's) piano in our living/ dining space.  and for a long time there was a brown piano bench beneath it.  tired of the brown on brown, i finally repainted the stool in a distressed turquoise color.  i might mention here, that i wanted to paint the entire piano turquoise after seeing this post here on pinterest.  but my husband did not agree, so we compromised. 

still think it looks much, much better.  it's amazing what just a pop of color can do!  now i'm thinking that i might need to put some wood wax on the piano.  we like the old, distressed look, but for some reason i'm feeling like a wax would help.  anyone ever tried it?

back on the subject of brown on brown, the fact that our dining table was all brown (in addition to the brown floor and the brown piano behind it) was driving me crazy.  so, inspired by this post by a beautiful mess here, i decided to change it.  i might add here that i wanted to paint the legs yellow like they did, but again, a compromise with the hubby led us to white.  before...


my next project?  well, i won't lie, there's a line of them.  but at the top is this chair that we found in my in-law's shed.  it used to be in my husband's grandmother's house.  i wanted to paint all of it and my husband likes the wood.  so, yet another compromise has led us to the agreement that some will be paint and some restored wood.  that will make it trickier though, because to do that correctly, it will have to be disassembled.  what do you guys think?  any suggestions?

so, this week, here's to using what you have and mixing it up.  and, oh compromise.



  1. Julia I like the chair. The two styles do compliment each other. Chevron is probably much older than the chair. It is just a newer trend for now
    Your piano would do well being rubbed down with a rag and some mineral oil. Target sells a plastic dispenser in the kitchen section for$4.99 that would do wonders. Remember that disposing of the rags is important. I wet mine and put in ziplock bag. No spontaneous combustion then.
    Love the bench redo. I think it would have been overwhelming to do the whole piano.
    I am enjoying your blog.

    1. Thank you, thank you for the mineral oil suggestion! I will definitely try that. Thanks for visiting and for your comments!

  2. Oh yes...I love all your remixes. And LOve using what I have. I used to 'change things up' on a regular basis and now that we're 'starting over' will feel like I have a new house with every thing we do to it! The chair...fabulous!


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