Wednesday, March 20, 2013

fingerprint easter eggs

here is an easy and fun project to do with your kids for easter...fingerprint easter eggs.  for this demo i used craft acrylic paint to print fingerprints in different colors. 

once the paint is dry, use a thin sharpie marker to doodle small designs on each egg. 

like i said, it's easy and fun and makes a cute keepsake.  use the acrylic paint to print on paper to make a card or a picture for a frame.  you could do them around a matte board for an easter picture or on a plain gift bag.  so many possibilities! 

years ago, i used ceramic paint to make this bowl with my boys' fingerprints.  i have a tutorial here that tells you how i use the ceramic paint.  

i love to pull this bowl out each year and stash easter candy in it.  a great memory from when my boys were really small.  and truly one-of-a-kind.  no one else on earth can make the same fingerprints.

this week, here's to one-of-a-kind.  oh yes, and easy and fun!


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