Wednesday, March 6, 2013

scratch art eggs

with easter at the end of the month, i thought i would do a design project based on pysansky eggs.  originally i planned to do some initial drawings on scratch art paper i purchased from dick blick a long time ago (there's one of my demos below) and then move on to oil resist. 

but as we were working on those, i remembered that you can make your own scratch art paper using oil pastels and acrylic paint.  i told my class about what i remembered, and they jumped on board with the idea.  and, i must say, so far my kids are absolutely loving this.  it's actually pretty simple to do, and those of you at home with kids could totally do this too.  here are the materials we are using...

first, you need to cover your sheet of watercolor paper with oil pastels.  it needs to be spread out evenly and pretty thick.  because of this, i suggest using smaller paper.  i like to take 9x12 watercolor sheets and cut them in half.  that way the paper is not too large and overwhelming.

 here is one of my demos with the finished oil pastel layer.  

then you need to paint acrylic over the top of the oil pastels, covering the entire paper.  let it dry completely before going to the next step.  for the first one, my students have to use either black or white paint on top.  i painted black over the orange and yellow oil pastel in the previous picture.  like this...

once it is dry, we use an egg shape pattern cut out of card stock to trace the outside shape of the egg.  place the pattern in the center of the paper and gently scratch around it.  obviously, you don't have to use a pattern, but i wanted my kids to focus on the patterns on the egg and not on the outside shape, so that's why i chose to use one. 

now that you have the outside shape, you are ready to scratch your design.  with minimal effort, the wooden skewer will scratch through the dried paint, revealing the colored oil pastel beneath.  like this... 

here is my finished demo with the orange and yellow oil pastel and black paint.  now, we just started this last week, and not all my students have even done it yet, so i don't have any of their work to show you.  but i wanted to show you guys this idea while there is still time for you to do it for easter if you wanted.  we are really having fun with this.  so glad i went with the flow of the class instead of sticking to my original plan!

so this week, here's to going with the flow!

- julia

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  1. This looks like great fun; can't wait to try it. Thanks!


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