Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sidewalk chalk painting

have you guys ever done chalk painting with your kids?  i have done a lot of sidewalk chalk drawing, but had never tried the painting.  until recently, that is.  the materials are super simple...


just draw on the sidewalk or patio with the chalk...

and then paint over it with an old brush dipped in water...

use your hands too, if you want...

the kids loved this.  and they did it for a long time!  a little secret...if you want them to do activities like this for longer periods of time, do it with them!  don't tell me, "i can't draw...i can only draw stick figures." well, draw stick figures with them.  kids don't care!  trust me...they will love it.

in fact, this was so popular that when we had some friends over for a bbq in our backyard the next weekend, i pulled out the stuff again.  we don't have a sidewalk back there, so they painted our tree stumps.  for a long time!  and the stumps looked really cool afterwards. 

happy painting!

and, i don't know about you guys, but i say bring on the spring.

so this week, here's to spring!

 p.s.  i thought about giving a disclaimer that said that this is pretty messy, but then i realized that you guys are all so smart, i didn't need to tell you that :)


  1. What fun!! I can't wait til it warms up enough to try painting water over the chalk.

    1. If it's really sunny, the water will evaporate faster, but it's still fun! I've seen other blogs where they actually use the chalk to mix a "paint" with vinegar. But who wants to smell that? I'm all about easy and natural. If you try it, let me know what you think!

  2. Great fun! Sophia and I have played with chalk often...but without the water. We'll have to get them out next week!


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