Wednesday, April 17, 2013

kinder garden

my latest "print"work creation...

i created this platter as the kindergarten project for the fundraising auction at arlington classics academy.  and, why yes, those are 80 some odd 6 year old fingerprints on there!  thanks for asking...

i had another platter i finished this past christmas that i wanted to show you too, but i guess i forgot to take a picture of it.  sigh...  i've gotten really good at documenting all my stuff, but every once in a while...sigh again.

but, i do have a picture of this canvas i painted recently.  i really think this one is very sweet, and i love, love, love the simplicity!  the dad's hand, the mom's hand, the baby girl's hand.  enough said...

and, since every time i show a painted ceramic piece, i get a lot of questions about how i do it, i will go ahead and tell you that this post here will give you all the info. 

this week, here's to beauty in simplicity!



  1. These are fun! We have all the ones our daughters made for us...they're a hoot to look at now!!!

    1. That is cool you kept them, Dave! My kids aren't that old yet, but I already love to look at ours from when they were really little. Thanks for the comment!


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