Thursday, May 23, 2013

fly your flags

memorial day is fast approaching, you guys.  just can't believe it!  we put up our flag stuff for memorial day and fly it through july 4th.  i saw this years ago in a better homes and gardens magazine, and fell in love with the simplicity of flags in a mason jar.  i have put it out every year since.  this year, i decided to add some clear glass stones that i just happen to have on the bottom of the jar.  i like it because the stones help hold the flags in place. 

here's my favorite flag to fly in the studio...

and remember this clothespin wreath i made for my mother-in-law last 4th of july?  definitely plan on making my own this year.  although, i confess, it probably won't happen by memorial day!  you can see my blog post on how i made it here.

here's to honoring and remembering our service men and women.  fly your flags!


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