Wednesday, May 8, 2013

may flowers

we have been working on these since spring first hit.  just was in the mood for some colorful flowers.  for this lesson, i was inspired by this post i remembered seeing on art projects for kids a while back.  both my class and my private students are doing these paintings with watercolors.  this project is in rotation with 2 other projects, so they are not all finished yet, but you get the idea.  we are really having fun with these!

my private students are doing the watercolor painting and then a similar one digitally.  for this project, we are using the paper 53 sketchbook app on the ipad.  i thought it presented a good opportunity for them to really compare and contrast the two mediums.  then, when they are finished, they have the actual painting and a print out of the digital version. 

hope you are all having a colorful spring!

here's to may flowers!



  1. These are great! Love how you are doing them both digitally and "analog"...what fun!!!

    1. Thank you, Dave. I think some of them were a little surprised at how tricky it can be to draw and paint digitally. Definitely not the same as traditional.


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