Wednesday, July 24, 2013

mixed media collages

for the past couple of weeks, my art classes have been working on mixed media collages.  i got the inspiration for the flower one from an article in the latest issue of cloth paper scissors magazine called botanical collage.  then i created a robot one for any students that didn't want to do flowers. 

my demos...


i won't lie...this was an ambitious project that included painting, stamping, drawing, cutting and pasting, and even the adding of 3 dimensional elements.  whew!  and most students declared they were finished somewhere around the half way point (um no!)  but we all pushed through, and no one can deny the results are fabulous!  check.  these.  out...

ella  age 5!!!!
elizabeth  age 7!

nina  age 9!

carter  age 7!

chloe  age 9!  haha- love the name "bob"


so this's to perserverence!


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