Sunday, September 8, 2013

back 2 school

good morning class.  my name is mrs. hernandez, and i am the new art teacher here at ellis elementary. 

yes, that is right.  in case you haven't heard yet, i have decided to take the art instruction part of jaeartworks back into the public school classroom. our youngest has started kinder, and my husband and i felt like it would be better if my work schedule lined up more with their school schedules.  so here we go!

i've been in the school for 2 weeks now, and i'm super excited because i have some really talented kids!  so i hope you all will stay with me for some new adventures in art.

this week, here's to new adventures!



  1. Congrats on your new gig! Teaching is such a great job for a mom - yes, it is tiring, but being on the same schedule with your kids is great. My kids are getting up there now, and this is the first year in about 12 that one of my kids isn't coming to school with me anymore! Strange, but I'm getting a lot of work done... :)

  2. Again, congrats on this newest adventure!! How exciting for you...and for your students to have you as their art teacher!!!

  3. Lucky students!! Have a great year with your new kiddos!


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