Saturday, September 27, 2014

bulletin board love

wow you guys...can you believe it is already the end of september?  yeah me either.  we have some great art going on in my art room that i can't wait to share, but for now i wanted to show you my new bulletin boards.  this first one i painted right before school started.  it was based on a picture i saw on pinterest.  i tried to find the original designer, but had no luck.  so if it happens to be you, please let me know so i can give you credit for the original design.  i love this so much!

the next one is a collaboration between my students and me.  like most art teachers, i have a stash of painted paper because i could absolutely, positively never throw one away.  one of the many things i like to use said paper for is the die cut machine.  that's where the "we are ellis" letters came from.  the first week of school i don't see all my students, so i had the ones i did see design a handprint.  we brainstormed adjectives that describe ellis students.  i wrote them on a big banner in the art room.  each student had to pick a word (or two or three) to write on the hand as part of the design.  then we used markers and color sticks to make them super colorful.  i love this bulletin board too, you guys.  it is sooooo striking in the hallway!

 i hope you all had a colorful school start.  now bring on the fall!


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