Monday, February 17, 2014

from the heart

any other art teachers out there see hearts when they close their eyes right now?'s that time of year!  all my grade levels did some kind of project for valentine's day, including these abstracted heart paintings in 4th grade. 

 i think the winner for most popular project was the 1st grade love bugs though.  i got this idea searching google one day for a quick valentine's project.  you can see the original post here.  my 1st graders loved this project and couldn't wait to take them home. the tux!

also, our latest art show is up at the arlington isd administration building.  this is the first of 2 art shows celebrating youth art month, and ellis has 7 featured artists in this one.  the show looks great!

the highlight of the opening reception for me was seeing one of my 1st graders with her art work.  she was so excited!  just look at her face...

that's what it's all about! 

hope you all had a happy valentine's day.
from the bottom of my heart,
-mrs. h


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