Saturday, January 3, 2015

1st semester recap and a new year's resolution

january 3rd.  2015.  what.  in.  the.  world!?  i know i haven't posted since school was starting back in september.  the truth is, i have been debating whether or not to give up the blog all together.  but as i was scrolling through my pictures from the first semester, (thank you instagram) i realized how much great stuff we make and how much i love to share it.  so...i'm back.  with a photo recap of the first semester (again...thank you instagram) and a new year's resolution to blog more. 

p.s.  i have an art club member who is really good at drawing anime, and who loves to draw me as an anime figure.  yeah...i'd say she pretty much nailed it!  lol- i look cool!

so goodbye 2014.
hello 2015.
here's to doing (and sharing) what you love. 
happy new year!


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